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【AstraZeneca】【Medical】HEOR Lead, メディカル本部 エビデンス & オブザベーショナル リサーチ

Ort Ōsaka, Ōsaka-fu, Japan Kita-ku, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan Anzeigen-ID R-201479 Veröffentlichungsdatum 19/06/2024

■ 職務内容 / Job Description

Job Description (職務記述書)/Accountability (責任や権限の範囲)
The HEOR lead position will be responsible for leading the planning, development, implementation, and communication of relevant health economics and health outcomes evidence strategies. This position will work closely with other functions to add value, secure reimbursement, patient access and utilization of AZ products.

Responsibility/Key Tasks (具体的な職務内容)
-    Lead the planning, development, implementation, and communication of relevant health economics, health outcomes (e.g., patient-reported outcomes), or real world evidence strategies to support relative value demonstration and product differentiation for AZ products
-    Work proactively and collaboratively with related internal functions to develop value proposition and to identify data/evidence requirements for each priority product, and execute HEOR research studies to meet requirements in order to support brand/medical/Access strategies 
-    Manage the implementation of HEOR studies and support the development of value messaging, scientific communication plans and customer-facing dissemination tools
-    Develop relationships and work closely with key opinion leaders and academic researchers throughout the research/dissemination cycle
-    Work with clinical teams to plan that appropriate health economics/outcomes information is collected in the course of clinical trials
-    Serve as internal resources for continuous education regarding concepts commonly defined through health economics and health outcomes research principles (e.g., cost-effectiveness analysis, budget impact analysis, patient-reported outcomes, and patient preference)
-    Attend industry meetings as assigned to keep abreast of key market developments

■ 応募資格(経験、資格等) / Qualification (Experience & Skill etc.)
【経験 / Experience】

<必須 / Mandatory>

•    Planning health economics/outcomes research & making reports
•    Experience in communicating with authorities (e.g. MHLW) & Academia
•    Building of economic models, estimating health care resource utilization, and crafting value propositions
•    Analysis of health economics data

<歓迎 / Nice to have>

•    On top of the necessary experience,
•    Experience in reviewing, assessing and using real-world data for the research purposes to address clinical / research questions
•    Networking, integrating and using EMR (electronic medical records)/EHR (electronic health record) data for cost effectiveness / clinical / epidemiological research
•    Using / applying bioinformatics methodologies to analyze medical big data / database / scientific research outcomes

【資格 / License】
<必須 / Mandatory>

•    Master’s degree in economics, outcomes research, public health, epidemiology, health services research, pharmacy, medicine or other related fields
•    Professional of Data analytics

<歓迎 / Nice to have>
 •    PhD in economics

【能力 / Skill-set】
<必須 / Mandatory>

•    Assessment of epidemiological and clinical data, medical manuscripts, clinical study reports, and health economics manuscripts/reports
•    Exchanging insights about HEOR topics with external experts
•    Presentation at meetings about study design, interpretation of study results, and HEOR methodologies
•    Publication/Medical writing of own research
•    Programming skill of excel or R or SAS for healthcare data
•    Provision of training & organizational development. 

<歓迎 / Nice to have>

•    On top of the required skill-set,
•    Design, construct and implement the process/platform of database research
•    Evaluate a health care data to make clear drug characteristics

【語学 / Language】

<歓迎 / Nice to have>

英語 English:
•    Reading/writing skills of scientific documents including economic research in English/Japanese
•    Communication, and discussions about HEOR topics with the key stakeholders and experts in English/Japanese practically
•    Making an English presentation, leading and facilitating discussions in a meeting with global members

【キャリアレベル / Career Level】


【勤務地 / Work Location】
Osaka or Tokyo

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