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【AstraZeneca】【R&D】Medical Writer, R&D Regulatory Division/Regulatory Operation Department

Ort Ōsaka, Ōsaka-fu, Japan Kita-ku, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan Anzeigen-ID R-196904 Veröffentlichungsdatum 07/05/2024

■ 職務内容 / Job Description

Medical Communication Scientist (MCS) is a role name in AZKK and is generally known as "medical writer". MCS is responsible for the authoring of clinical-regulatory documents and submission packages that communicate the evidence base of product knowledge in a credible, consistent and compliant way. 
MCS leads the authoring of the clinical parts of documents such as CSP / MICF / CSR / IB / CTD / Regulatory defences, in line with the project communication strategy, and ensure quality and efficiency in delivery. For CSP/MICF/IB, MCS centralize and coordinate those developments using external vendors across clinical studies.
MCS also contributes the authoring of the clinical parts of the briefing documents for PMDA consultations to improve communication quality of documents. MCS reviews other clinical documents with the purpose of facilitating the translation of Target Product Claims into a fully-supported proposed product label, and to improve communication quality of documents

■ 応募資格

(経験、資格等)/ Qualification (Experience & Skill etc.)

【経験 / Experience】

<必須 / Mandatory>

・Experience in Clinical Development

・A comprehensive knowledge of the drug development processes including key regulations/guidelines(e.g. GCP, ICH GLs), and knowledge on a “need to know basis” in relevant therapeutic area
・Experience in medical communications gained through working in the pharmaceuticals industry or a medical communications agency 
・Delivery of regulatory submissions including CTN, JNDA/sJNDA and response to PMDA/MHLW queries during review

<歓迎 / Nice to have>

・Experience in leading a preparation of clinical regulatory documentation.
・Experience in supporting documentation preparation across programme and strategy level
・Experience in supervising internal communication and outsourced writing.

【資格 / License】

<必須 / Mandatory>

Bachelor’s Degree in Science or related discipline

【能力 / Skill-set】

<必須 / Mandatory>

・Medical writing skill
・Logical thinking/Presentation skill to express intention in an efficient way in Japanese & English
・Interpersonal and communication skills with team member or stakeholders
・Facilitation skill to lead an innovative solution in conflicting discussion

【語学 / Language】

<必須 / Mandatory>

日本語 Japanese

英語 English:Business English (Achieve common understanding at the context level with customers) 

【キャリアレベル / Career Level】


【勤務地 / Work Location】

Osaka or Tokyo

10001009 D CDMT

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