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DSM-R&I South-济南

Ort Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China Anzeigen-ID R-121481 Veröffentlichungsdatum 10/14/2021


1. District Sales Achievement
(1.1) Ensure optimal execution of plans of action (POA), field tactics program and territory plans by district team
(1.2) Regularly review district sales achievement against targets and initiate appropriate actions to ensure performance is in line with objectives
(1.3) Ensure enlistment of newly launched and key products in hospitals and clinics by planned date
(1.4) Benchmark external sales data to compete with competitors

1. 专业地达成销售业绩
(1.1) 依照公司政策和阿斯利康行为准则,有效实施销售战略战术和工作计划 (POA),现场策略计划和地区计划
(1.2) 定期根据销售目标审查地区销售成果,并采取适当措施以保证销售业绩达到预期目标
(1.3) 确保成熟产品和新产品平衡,将新近推出的产品和重要产品推广至医院和诊疗机构
(1.4) 以外部销售数据为标准衡量与竞争对手开展竞争

2. District Business Planning
(2.1) Conduct SWOT analysis of market/competitors to identify district business opportunities
(2.2) Develop district Business Plan based on key objectives and allocate resources (e.g. coaching time, budget) for optimal sales impact
(2.3) Monitor district business plan to ensure resources are directed to territories, hospitals and customers of greatest potential
(2.4) Monitor MRs’ business plans to ensure intended actions and plans are appropriately conducted, and that resources are directed to hospitals, clinics and customers of greatest potential

2. 地区业务规划和战略开发
(2.1) 对市场和竞争对手实施 SWOT 分析,以开拓业务机会
(2.2) 根据主要业务目标制定地区业务计划,并合理分配资源(如培训时间、预算等)以实现销售效果
(2.3) 监督地区业务计划的实施,确保资源被分配至最具潜力的地区、医院和客户
(2.4) 监督医药代表 (MR) 业务计划,以确保妥当实施预期工作和计划,同时保证资源被分配至最具潜力的医院、诊所和客户

3. Customer Focus and Service
(3.1) Maintain contact and relationship with key accounts/customers
(3.2) Update district customer database and target segmentation continuously
(3.3) Monitor MRs to deliver core promotional messages within approved detail aids and in line with their POAs
(3.4) Ensure that MR’s understand and comply with AZ Code of Conduct
(3.5) Monitor stock of district-level key accounts/ distributors and advise on customer inventories
(3.6) For Core: Help MRs to understand Digital channel activities and triage points for target customers
(3.7) For Emerging: Help MRs to understand Digital channel and Multi-channel activities and triage points for target customers

3. 客户关注与服务
(3.1) 不断更新地区客户数据库和目标市场
(3.2) 监督医药代表 (MR) 的工作,确保他们根据工作计划 (POA),在已批准的详细辅助材料中提供主要促销信息
(3.3) 确保医药代表 (MR) 理解并遵守阿斯利康行为准则
(3.4) 定期核查地区级重要客户和分销商的存货情况,及时提出购买和进货要求
(3.5) 核心市场:帮助医药代表 (MR)了解公司电子渠道对客户的覆盖活动, 并理解目标客户目前所处的阶段性需求
(3.6) 新兴市场:帮助医药代表 (MR)了解公司电子渠道和多渠道对客户的覆盖活动, 并理解目标客户目前所处的阶段性需求

4. Reporting/ Administration
(4.1) Submit district Monthly Reports commenting on deviations from Business Plan and intended actions to align performance with plan.
(4.2) Monitor MRs’ monthly reports to ensure appropriate implementation of intended actions
(4.3) Ensure MRs comply with reporting/administration guidelines
(4.4) Timely and accurately submit expense reports
(4.5) Distribute/ communicate key reports to MR’s to make sure they understand those reports

4. 报告/管理
(4.1) 根据公司要求提交地区业务报告,阐明业务计划和预期工作实施过程中出现的偏差,以按照计划及时调整业绩
(4.2) 监督医药代表 (MR) 的月份报告,以确保预期工作的恰当和实施
(4.3) 确保医药代表 (MR) 遵守报告和管理规范
(4.4) 及时准确地提交费用报告
(4.5) 将重要报告分发/传达给医药代表 (MR),并确保他们的理解

5. Personal Development
(5.1) Develop behaviors leading to enhanced effectiveness as outlined in DSM Competency Model
(5.2) Communicate, develop and role model AZ culture and leadership behaviors
(5.3) Develop individual and team accountability
(5.4) Identify areas for self-development and discuss developmental needs with RSM
(5.5) Attend & actively participate in management meetings and training

5. 个人发展
(5.1) 根据地区经理 (DSM) 能力模式中的要求,培养能力,提高效率
(5.2) 积极传播、发展阿斯利康文化和领导行为,是其他员工的楷模
(5.3) 培养个人和团队责任感
(5.4) 确定自我完善的方向,并与中层销售经理 (RSM) 探讨发展需求
(5.5) 积极参与公司管理会议和培训活动

6. Coaching and Team Development
(6.1) Rapidly back-fill any team vacancies with competent new hires following company recruitment guidelines and MR’s competency model
(6.2) Provide in-field coaching to MRs in order to develop their ability to positively influence customer’s prescribing behavior, using Field Coaching Form
(6.3) For Emerging: Other requirement on enhancing coaching on building AZ’s position in Emerging for TA portfolio MRs
(6.4) Effectively manage MRs’ performance according to company’s system
(6.5) Develop and implement development solutions based on identified individual development needs
(6.6) Identify/retain key talents
(6.7) Effectively manage poor performers according to Corrective Action Policy and Process
(6.8) Develop and implement strategies to improve team morale

6. 人员与团队领导及发展
(6.1) 发现任何团队空缺职位后,立即根据公司有关招聘规定和MR能力模式,录用称职新人填补空缺
(6.2) 使用实地辅导表格,向医药代表 (MR) 提供实地辅导,提高其积极引导客户处方行为的能力
(6.3) 新兴市场:另要求加强对负责多品牌的医药代表如何在新兴市场建立阿斯利康地位的辅导
(6.4) 根据公司的绩效管理体系,对医药代表 (MR),进行有效的绩效管理。
(6.5) 根据团队及个人的发展需求,制定和执行相应的发展方案
(6.6) 甄别/保留优秀人才
(6.7) 根据公司行为纠正政策和流程,有效管理业绩欠佳的员工
(6.8) 制定并实施有助于提升团队士气的战略

Essential 必 需
- Education: College and above, medical background preferred
- 2 years or above sales experiences in medical or related industry
- Good selling skills and customer management skills

-Qualified to apply for China Merchants Bank Credit Card (Business expenses should be reimbursed through company credit card)


Desirable 理 想
- Experiences in MNC preferred
- Be able to speak and write in English will be an advantage
- Skillful in MS Office
能熟练运用MS Office软件

AstraZeneca is an equal opportunity employer. AstraZeneca will consider all qualified applicants for employment without discrimination on grounds of disability, sex or sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity leave status, race or national or ethnic origin, age, religion or belief, gender identity or re-assignment, marital or civil partnership status, protected veteran status (if applicable) or any other characteristic protected by law.


AstraZeneca embraces diversity and equality of opportunity. We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse team representing all backgrounds, with as wide a range of perspectives as possible, and harnessing industry-leading skills. We believe that the more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. We welcome and consider applications to join our team from all qualified candidates, regardless of their characteristics. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations on non-discrimination in employment (and recruitment), as well as work authorisation and employment eligibility verification requirements.

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