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Associate Director, Process Management

Ort Mississauga, Ontario, Kanada Anzeigen-ID R-202184 Veröffentlichungsdatum 12/06/2024

Job Description

The individual will work collaboratively with their respective Functional Process and/or Subject Matter Experts across all relevant departments of the DevOps organization to ensure that the processes developed and managed are effective, efficient and that they are clear to Users and add value to the stakeholders whilst remaining compliant with regulatory requirements (ICH-GCP). Where Functional Process Experts are identified staff who support Process activities, Users are the AZ staff (and CRO (Contract Research Organisation staff)) who perform the tasks defined in the process and Stakeholders are Business Leaders from impacted departments.

The role will consist of the following five aspects;

Based on consultations with the Stakeholders, Functional Process Experts (FPEs) along with Quality and Learning representatives cooperate with the scope for new processes and optimization of existing processes Delivering these processes to the DevOps business area. Use the BPMO framework and tools when developing processes typically including an Approved Charter, Project plan, Traceability Matrix, SIPOC, Stakeholder analysis, Change Logs, Study Cut-Over Plan, Release Notes and Learning Plans, process design and implementation and process performance.  Maintaining risk and change logs, and performing periodic reviews to ensure processes remain optimised. Working with the BPMO Analyst to define metrics to ensure process compliance and performance, along with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate process efficiency. Drive pragmatic conduct and continuous assessment of smart efficiency gains such as the introduction of BPM automation.  Seeking to employ new technologies to perform Process Mining and Analytical Robotics. Introduces innovation into the process by using lean leadership skills to impact results, improve efficiency, and meet the DevOps Scorecard objectives and goals.

BPM Responsibilities are:

  • Provide solutions to solve process-related issues to enable the achievement of DevOps goals.
  • Liaise with Business Leaders and Functional Process Experts to craft an operating model that integrates business processes and interpersonal structures with technical solutions.
  • Work with Stakeholders and Functional Process Experts to develop and approve the processes required to support the agreed operating model using the BPMO toolkit. Work with Stakeholders, Functional Process Experts, and Process Quality and Learning (PQL) colleagues to develop the documentation and training to support process implementation.
  • Apply knowledge of Business Management and Lean principles to describe the impact of managed process on the core business functions of the DevOps organization.
  • Work with BPMO Document Manager to ensure that Process Documentation is crafted, approved, and effectively published in the appropriate system and/or toolkit.
  • Work with BPMO Analyst to develop metrics to show compliance to developed processes and KPIs to show efficiency.
  • Work with the DevOps Business Learning Leads to develop appropriate training roll-out plans for new and updated processes.
  • Support regulatory requirements, for example participating  in Audits &

Required Education and Training:

  • A solid knowledge of business and information technology
  • A degree or equivalent experience

Required Skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Stakeholder management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Communication

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